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Styling Virtuemart Category Pages

The owner of came to me with a problem that they had with their website. The previous web developer that they had used, although, doing some of the job that was requested of them, they had in fact left the most important part of the job, the web shop, completely unstyled and looking unfinished. She went on to explain that the previous web developer had not only not finished the job that they were paid to do but they actually demand more money to finish the job. So because the previous web developer dropped the ball on this project, the owner of was left having to find someone else to finish the job.

Fortunately I had just finished work on a couple of other websites which gave me some time to take on a new client or two so I re-postedone of my web development ads on Craigslist to which she responded, and after hearing about how she was left up in the air, and what she actually still needed done to the website, I agreed to take on the project.

She also requested that I add a PayPal logo and a SSL certificate badge to the web pages, to which I agreed to do.

She was also not happy with the site navigation, and all the work that a potential customer would have to do to get to a product page, so While looking the site over, I made a few suggestions on how she could improve the site navigation, but the more pressing issue at hand was actually finishing the shop product category pages. BeforeIn the first image you can see a small slice of the kindergarten through third-grade courses shop category page. As you can see all there is, is the title of the item, a text link that says course details within brackets, and the item price. In addition, the course details link for all the items on this page is out of alignment.

Having over six years of experience with Virtuemart, it was a fairly easy job for me to modify the template and CSS to produce a much more professional looking web shop without having to do extensive modifications to the Virtuemart template, so I was able to finish the job in a timely manner.

Comparing our before and after screenshots of the product category pages you can see that in the first screenshot, the product category item looks completely unfinished and very unprofessional. In the second image which is a screenshot taken after the modifications that I did to the product category pages, you can see that the page now looks much more professional and goes a long way to instill the confidence of a potential customer, that the website that they are looking at is not a fly-by-night operation, and will in fact help with sell through rates. AfterAs you can see in the second screenshot, we've added a product image to the left-hand side and a short description of the item that's being sold to the right-hand side, which in this case is a class on sensational math. Below the introductory text we've changed the plain text link to a nice clean looking white button and wrapped the whole product with a gray border. We also added margins and padding to each product, which makes each product a standard height and keeps the layout even and standardized throughout the entire product category pages.

This is a very simple example of a Virtuemart template and CSS modification to a product category page, but was nevertheless enough to make a dramatic change to the look of the category pages and now the site has a finished look.

I was able to make all the requested edits to the website within one day and within our client's budget. The owner of was so happy with the work that I did that she asked us to continue working on the site on a regular basis.

I explained to her that I offer a regular monthly maintenance plan which actually saves my clients a substantial amount of money over my already low regular hourly rate, and I agreed to take her on as a new client.

Although I was only hired to modify the look of the product browse pages on, when I finished the edits to the product browse pages as well as adding the PayPal logo and SSL certificate badge to the site, I went over all the edits that I had done with my client over the phone and I even took the time to explain to my client how to actually add a product description and product images to Make the product category pages look the way that I had set them up to look.

When I work with the new client it doesn't matter whether the job is big or small, I still take the time to make sure that my client is happy with the work done and that nothing was missed.

This was just one small example of the work that I can do on modifications to your Virtuemart shopping cart. I have extensive experience with installing, configuring, and styling a Virtuemart shopping website, so if you need anything done with your Virtuemart installation don't hesitate to Contact Us.


“I would recommend Bill’s services to anyone. I was very pleased with the site he built for me and his fees were more than reasonable. Whenever I had a question or concern, Bill tended to it immediately. I’ve heard some horror stories from friends and associates about unreliable web developers, Bill exceeded my expectations”

Marty Rush
Mortgage Master Inc.

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